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The predecessor of Bosson Biomedical Equipment was youth health care products biotechnology. Guangdong Nubeie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded on September 8, 2005. On the basis of mutual benefit, win-win and optimized resources, the company has more than 80 Canadian production bases and partners throughout the country.  


The company's main business covers five core business areas, including natural medicine, pharmaceutical chemicals, medical equipment, pharmaceutical commerce and comprehensive trade, and involves a variety of business formats including international trade, domestic marketing, production, research and development, logistics and technical services. Industrial pattern of integrated development of science, industry and trade.

In the field of natural medicine business, the company has an internationally leading product quality traceability management system and a domestic first-class Chinese medicine decoction piece production and processing platform. It has a leading position in the international trade of natural medicines. In the field of pharmaceutical and chemical business, the company has modern Infection-specific chemical preparation production platform, while cooperating with many well-known international pharmaceutical companies, has a strong competitive advantage in the domestic marketing of preventive and treatment of infectious diseases drugs, diagnostic products and biological products; in the field of medical device business, the company is the largest in China One of the import and export medical device logistics distributors, relying on modern warehousing and logistics platforms and comprehensive bonded warehouses, relying on professional import and export distribution and technical service capabilities, it has maintained long-term stable cooperative relationships with major medical device manufacturers in the world. ; In the field of pharmaceutical business, the company has established a pharmaceutical business network and distribution channels covering major domestic drug-use cities and radiating the country. Through the integration with advantageous resources in the international market, it is gradually forming an integrated domestic and foreign pharmaceutical business network system; General trading business, the company has specialized in international trade professionals and network resources around the world, forming a unique competitive advantage in key markets and commodities trading business.

Deeply cultivating the overseas medical and medical equipment and supplies market for many years, the company has reached long-term battle cooperation with many well-known pharmaceutical companies, which can provide customers with product support, technical support, consulting and design services, a professional one-stop hospital and department full set of solutions. At the same time, the company made full use of the national “One Belt, One Road” policy opportunity to actively explore new business areas such as investment and construction of overseas pharmaceutical factories, hospital construction and renovation, and promoted the export of high-quality pharmaceuticals, raw materials, equipment and supplies and capacity output in China.


The company strictly abides by the internationalized international management concept, takes people as the foundation, creates credibility with quality, seeks development with innovation, and persists in its own brilliant path. The current business network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and the products are exported to Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "credibility first, quality first, customer first, service first, mutual benefit, and common development", step by step, and step by step!

We sincerely welcome your consultation, negotiation and inspection, and work together to create brilliant!


Product quality technology innovation

In this fast-changing and fierce competition today, we know that only continuous innovation can maintain a competitive advantage in this industry. For many years, Baoshen people have continued to optimize their resources, reduce costs, and improve product quality to meet the needs of the global market through technological innovation.

At present, it has established its own R & D base and joint research and development through cooperation to give play to each other's advantages to create the most advantageous products.